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The Bousquet d’Orb solar plant is located in the municipality of that name near the Mediterranean in the Hérault department. The site to be used was chosen by the village of Bousquet d'Orb and formerly belonged to Charbonnage de France. 

With an output of 12 MWp, the project is deployed on 20 hectares of land. The site accommodated various industrial activities between 1873 and 1993 (zinc plant, thermal power plant, coal washer and pulverized coal plant), before everything was dismantled and the site rehabilitated in the late 90s.  

The land being unable to welcome the general public or to be used for agriculture because of the pollution generated by past industrial activity, the municipality of Bousquet d’Orb offered Akuo an opportunity to implement a solar project to give this historic site a new lease of life. 

Bousquet d'orb

Project team

A development team involved in local projects.  

Akuo has a team entirely devoted to project development in France and abroad. The Western Europe regional branch comprises highly qualified engineers and has over 15 years of experience in this field. The Western Europe development team currently has almost one hundred men and women and has developed more than forty plants in France and abroad. 


Bousquet d'orb

Our CSR commitment

A practical regional revitalization project

Build on a former coal pit, the Bousquet d’Orb photovoltaic plant is a prime example of the revitalization of degraded land. Its agronomic characteristics making it unsuitable for most types of agriculture, the site had been left unused for a number of years. Installing a power plant on this land has both enabled it to be revitalized and helped the region become more energy self-sufficient.  

Bousquet d’Orb

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