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Mortella: a solar plant with storage

Located in part in the municipality of St-Germainmont some 30 km / 20 miles north of Reims, Energie du Porcien, 39 MW, which comprises the 20.5 MW Saint Germainmont and 18.5 MW Sevigny Wallape wind farms has, on top of its electricity production, contributed to a variety of local projects in partnership with the municipality, and notably the signposting of a hiking trail in partnership with the Traine-savates association and a project regarding the floral embellishment of the village’s former washing place by providing a rainwater reservoir.

Moreover, in the other municipality in which a wind farm is located, Sévigny-Waleppe, the plant has financed the reinforcement of a lane from the village of Dizy-le-Gros to improve access for agricultural vehicles.


Our CSR commitment

Ecological transparency

Lastly, in a spirit of transparency, the project company is working in close collaboration with naturalists who, for several years now, have been analyzing renewable energy facilities’ interaction with bat and avifauna populations.


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