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Project management assistance and maintenance

Akuo was responsible for providing project management assistance on the construction site and is in charge of the plant’s maintenance. With a capacity of 336 MW, this plant is one of the ten largest in the country.  

escalade akuo

A huge project

This plant represents a milestone for the Akuo Group as it is the first in the USA to install and operate Vestas V162 turbines.  

The V162 EnVentus turbines are the next generation of wind turbines. They measure 119 meters and are the largest turbines currently installed in the USA.  

In total, 45 V162 turbines of 5 MW each were installed on this project, along with 50 V150 turbines of 4.2 MW each, for a total project capacity of 336 MW.  

They were commissioned in May 2022.


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