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The PECASA wind plant located in Montecristi, in Dominican Republic is in operation since May, 2019. With its 25 wind turbines of 2 MW each, the plant has a total of 50 MW power capacity. PECASA is known as one of the largest wind farms in the Dominican Republic.

The wind farm is majority-owned by Akuo alongside Siemens Financial Services. The plant also received fundings from International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, along with support from the Canadian government within the framework of the IFC-Canada Climate Change Program, which aims to support the transition of developing countries to low-carbon economies, alongside Proparco, DEG and FMO.

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This plant is a direct contribution in the emission reduction objectives in the Dominican Republic, as well as a contribution to its energy mix. The Dominican Republic has an ambition of developing renewable energy, with the aim of generating 25% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2025. The PECASA wind farm is expected to bring Dominicans access to competitive energy, while reducing the country’s dependency on fossil fuels to reach its target of 25% less carbon emissions by 2030.

This plant has included a comprehensive social element as it supports the employment and development of rural communities that are located near the site.

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A challenging construction

The construction of this wind farm between mountains was a challenge for the Akuo team. Indeed, with its location in high altitude made it difficult to set up the construction site because it was difficult to access with no road to reach the site. However, along our team’s capacity for invention and flexibility, we managed to build 25km of road with hard effort, and 25 foundations of approximately 400 m3 for the turbines.


Also, managing the project was complex because the teams had to conduct the project with no phone service, and with the lack of resources available while the plant was in construction.

This project benefited more than 5 villages, entangled between mountains, with the opportunity for economic growth. It created more than 350 jobs, the majority of which are from local populations. The roads built to develop the project will also help enhance agricultural plots and develop grazing.

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The PECASA power plant : an example of inclusion and dynamism for the Region

Because building a new plant is a team work, the integration and learn “how to work together?” is a key element. There is no better way to accomplish this than to have community members within the project team. In PECASA, 90% of the members belong to the surrounding communities (El Copey, Los Limones, Los Conucos and others). PECASA has been able to adapt these community members to the typical tasks of a wind power plant. These people are working in operation, maintenance, surveillance, care of facilities and many others need of the projects, not only in the construction phase but for the entire life of the plant. Training sessions have also been developped to include local population at all skills levels so that they can gain in competence.

"It is important to say that this is tangible evidence of how Akuo, apart from positively impacting the environment with its renewable projects, also impacts communities by giving it economic sustenance with high value-added jobs.”
Reynaldo Martínez
O&M Supervisor

Community Relations

PECASA, since its construction process and during its operation, has had as a priority to maintain a good relationship with the communities that connect the entire project and that is why since its inception it has observed improvements that the area needs.

During the construction period, the access roads to the area were conditioned, thus helping farmers to have better access to their land, the accesses of the neighboring populations of the project were created, distribution of water in the villages that did not have aqueducts at that time, adaptation of schools, construction of clubs at Los Limones and El Copey, remodeling of Sabana Cruz and El Copey Churches and Softball Play in Sabana Cruz.


This project also allowed to support local community by repairing the potable water distribution system which was out of order since 2008; we also renewed a few buildings in the villages, allowing an association for single mothers to gather and others important contributions to the communities nearby the project.

Since the park is in operation PECASA took the initiative to collaborate with landowners with the regularization of the property titles of their properties.

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Our commitments


PECASA contributed to the remodeling of this church.

The scope of the works was: Electrical installation, sanitary installation, septic, windows, staircase, cloth and finish, roof, painting, and floor placement.

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During the construction phase, PECASA built two cultural centers, one in the community of Copey and another in Los Limones.

This work was built from scratch, the company covered 100% of the budget, since then the communities have been holding different activities in this Center.



In contribution to Sports, in the community of Sabana Cruz, PECASA built a Softball stadium.


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