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Following the Koure shooting on August 9, 2020, which killed 7 of their members and their guide, ACTED, LEO POUR LE MONDE and victims’ families decided to jointly lead the construction of a school complex in Niamey, Niger.  Believing that education and knowledge are a defense against obscurantism and fundamentalism, this school has been built as a tribute to the victims; the purpose of this project is also to support the Nigerien State’s efforts with regard to education, a cornerstone of the country’s development.  

Precarious situation of the country

Indeed, Niger is one of the world’s poorest countries, with a low human development index. It also has the world’s highest fertility rate, resulting in annual demographic growth of 3.8% and a population that is becoming significantly younger: 54% of Nigeriens are under 15. The country thus has substantial needs in terms of education, an issue that will only intensify in coming years, while Niger’s education system is not scaled to meet this demand and current indicators remain fragile, notably regarding the disparity in the proportion of boys and girls in schooling.    

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Construction of a school

The School Peralta complex, built in accordance with bioclimatic techniques, comprises an elementary school with six classes and a middle school with four classes (up to Year 10). It is a day school that provides meals. Pupils have access to a library with an IT area, a laboratory, a sports field and a market garden. The complex is powered by solar energy thanks to the Akuo Foundation, which – via skill volunteering   – undertook the sizing of the facility thanks to the expertise of the Akuo group’s staff. 

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pupils are welcomed at the Peralta school complex

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is the surface area of the school site


jobs for local people