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Sainte-Marguerite is the second ground-based solar farm combined with an agrivoltaic component to be built by Akuo in Guadeloupe. It was commissioned in 2011, and is located in Sainte-Marguerite, in the town called Le Moule, on Grande Terre island.

Sainte Margerite

A pioneering project in Guadeloupe

Sheep breeding

The seven-acre plot on which the solar farm is installed is made available to a farmer, Mr. Tangamen, for the breeding of his sheep on a secure and enclosed site. Thanks to this land, he has been able to grow his flock which maintains the site naturally without the need for machinery. The project developed in Sainte-Marguerite and operated for over ten years has always been designed to produce power while giving local farmers access to land and facilities at no cost. Support for these agricultural activities is particularly important in Guadeloupe where local production only covers a small proportion of needs in the archipelago.

Elevage de moutons


By allowing the site to lay fallow once the construction completed, the soil is permanently covered with grass, thus limiting erosion due to rainwater runoff. 

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