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HopHopFood’s mission is to encourage food donations between individuals via an app created in 2018. This tool, which is totally free, provides a response to two issues: today, food insecurity affects some 8 million people in France, while over 50% of the volume of food waste comes from individuals.

Fighting against food waste

In order to take practical action to fight this waste, the app thus allows, in just a few seconds, food products to be put online and enables those looking for food to be able to search through what is available in their neighborhood. A messaging system is also available on the platform to make it easier for people to interact and exchange products. The V2 of the app has been designed in collaboration with management students from the Sceaux IUT institute of technology, who tested the platform within the framework of a research project. This V2 has added the location of food drop-off and collection sites in Sceaux, the app’s pilot town.


Installation of refrigerated lockers

Refrigerated lockers have thus been installed in strategically neutral places near the town’s station, schools and travel routes used by subscribers. These lockers have not only increased the app’s visibility in the town, they have boosted exchanges between individuals too. They have also helped reduce travel. Eventually, HopHopFood wants to work with supermarkets to set up other collection points there. 


1 000

number of users before the launch of V2 of the app


product exchanged per week per user

240 000

products a year that won’t end up in the trash