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Thessaly is the first Akuo project in Greece, composed of 4 PV plants of 1 MW each. Also, it is the first project which electricity will be directly sold to the market by Akuo.  

This market innovation is also an opportunity for Akuo to demonstrate that renewable energies, and in particular solar, are definitely bankable and that such a low-cost energy actually guarantees a fair and responsible electricity to the consumers. This project is benefiting from the aggregator GEARS expertise. 

thessaly projet akuo

Above all, this first Akuo Greek solar power plant represents the first stone of a more global project Akuo is developing in partnership with the Region and local authorities. This plant will soon be completed by other assets and contribute to a just transition for Thessaly Region. Through agrivoltaism, Akuo will encourage the integration of renewables into the important agricultural activity of the region. We will also install floating PV assets that enable the use of water surfaces for energy production while reducing evaporation phenomena. Finally, storage containers will complement these solar production facilities, enabling green energy integration in the grid and a more efficient and green energy mix for Thessaly. With this project, Akuo will demonstrate that Greece objectives of reaching 60% of renewable energy in its mix by 2030 is not only feasible but also economically and socially relevant.

Thessaly projet akuo

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