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Akuo, a strategic partner in the Balkans

Many countries in the Balkans see the energy transition as an opportunity for sustainable economic growth. To make the transition, they count on the technical expertise of international groups like Akuo, which was the first international player to start developing solar and wind projects in the peninsula. We have made the Balkans a priority for our future developments because the security, autonomy and sustainability of the European energy mix are dependent on this region. These countries have tremendous wind and solar resources and we believe in their potential to become the first 100% renewable nations in Europe!

De nombreux pays des Balkans voient dans la transition énergétique une opportunité de croissance économique durable. Pour la mettre en œuvre, ils comptent sur l’expertise technique de groupes internationaux tel qu’Akuo, premier acteur international à s’être investi sur la péninsule avec des projets solaires et éoliens. Nous avons fait de cette zone une priorité pour nos développements à venir pour une raison : c’est dans les Balkans se joue la sécurité, l’autonomie et la durabilité du mix énergétique europé

Our ambition for the Balkans

In the coming years, Akuo will become a central energy player in the Balkans. We will manage assets across the peninsula, in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. To accelerate the transition in these countries, we will combine our “traditional” project developments with rooftop solar using the SunStyle technology, as well as agrivoltaics and major storage systems.

Notre ambition pour les Balkans

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Akuo Croatia  Damira Tomljanovica Gavrana 17 10000 Zagreb
Emil Bakic
Balkans will clearly be a key region in Europe to implement energy transition for the benefit of its populations. At Akuo we have not only an ambition but an ongoing plan to deliver green and affordable energy in the next 2 years.

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