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A land of contrast

Mayotte is no doubt the French overseas territory facing the most challenging energy transition. It has the highest cost of electric power generation, at nearly €350/MWh in 2021, and the most carbon-intensive production, with fossil fuels accounting for over 95%. And consumption is rising sharply each year. The wind resource is limited and land-use constraints are high.

But Mayotte above all has remarkable biodiversity, an actively developing agricultural sector, and stakeholders who are very committed to this territory. The solutions developed by Akuo, such as agrivoltaics and energy storage, are fully adapted to the island’s challenges.

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Akuo’s long-standing development work came to fruition in 2022 with the construction of two projects that will play a key role in grid regulation:

  • LESPORT, located in Ironi Bé, with 1.3MWp of solar power and a 3MWh battery, is the first photovoltaic greenhouse project on the island. It contributes to the development of local agriculture thanks to the cyclone-resistant greenhouses that provide protection against bad weather, pests, and theft by the brown lemur and fruit bats of Mayotte.
  • HAMAHA, in Mamoudzou, makes use of a non-buildable former landfill, thanks to the installation of 1.2 MWp of solar panels on a now secured site. A 2.5 MWh battery will also allow for injection at peak hours in the evening.

Building on the success already achieved, our teams based in Reunion and Mayotte are pursuing their ambition to support the energy and agricultural transition in this region.


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Xavier Ducret Directeur Région Océan Indien
Mayotte is a land of contrast: there are many challenges but nature offers us everything we need to develop great, local, and sustainable projects. The solutions developed by Akuo, such as agrivoltaics and energy storage, are fully adapted to the island’s challenges.

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