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Functional mobility: changing roles for professional fulfilment

At Akuo, our cross-cutting jobs and projects are a real asset. New power plants are developed by a project team working in a matrix organization. Experts from the technical business lines or support functions work together to secure each stage of the project. As a result, and depending on their background and skills, each employee may be required to temporarily take on a role in a team on projects involving different geographical locations or different technologies.

While you can join Akuo as an expert in a particular Renewable Energy technology, the Group encourages command of several technologies, through internal training or experience in the field, so that staff can be assigned to a more diverse portfolio of projects.

The career paths of our employees are packed with examples of mobility from one business line to another, whether this involves moving to positions in connection with the different stages of a project’s development, or from one support function to another.

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Vertical mobility: new responsibility, new skills

Whether you want to develop your career by becoming a manager, or be recognized as a true expert in your field, everything is possible! At Akuo, we know that not everyone aspires to become a manager, because managing a team must be a stated ambition and it requires specific skills. As not all our employees necessarily wish to advance their career by attaining manager status, we also encourage the emergence of “key persons” who share their knowledge with the Group by leading communities of expertise.

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International mobility: setting sail for a new country

When you work at Akuo, you work with people from very different horizons and cultures.

And this wealth of diversity is a real source of motivation! Most of our employees are looking for this intercultural dimension, either through a position with international exposure or through a real experience working abroad. At Akuo, there is no shortage of opportunities to work in another country... and they come in various forms:

  • Short-term missions: for the construction or commissioning of a new plant, for example, some employees may spend several weeks on site.
  • Temporary missions: employees move to a new region for a period of 6 to 18 months, to support the launch of business in a new country or to transfer knowledge.
  • Long-term missions: employees move to a new country with their families for several years.
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of employees see their job evolve each year

Mobility Committee: coming together around concrete commitments

Akuo is a company on a human scale where we take pride in being close to all our employees and attentive to their evolutionary wishes, with the firm ambition of meeting them as much as possible. As career development is one of our key commitments, we encourage all our employees and managers to regularly discuss mobility during the year. All vacancies are posted on the intranet, so that all employees can apply for a position in the context of internal mobility. Finally, the Executive Committee meets every month for a dedicated mobility committee to monitor mobility projects and possible opportunities within the Group.

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