The group’s core businesses, Akuo Energy’s wind projects span the globe

Wind power is a key energy source for the future. A mature technology, wind is at network parity in many parts of the world, and even more competitive than conventional energy sources, in regions where wind resources are particularly abundant. This is why wind power has traditionally accounted for a substantial share of the group’s portfolio. Wind represents more than two-thirds of capacity in service, under construction or in financing at Akuo Energy, making it the leading technology operated by the group.

Although the majority are still located in France, Akuo Energy’s wind projects have acquired a resolutely international focus. The group has wind projects, either in operation or under construction, in Uruguay, Croatia, the United States and Montenegro.


of wind power capacity in operation, under construction or with financing underway

Capacity in operation, under construction and with financing underway, by location (in MW)

To guarantee the quality of its products, Akuo Energy is committed to remaining completely independent of its suppliers and currently works with the world’s four largest wind generation equipment makers. The choice of equipment maker is made on a project-by-project basis, according to turbine performance and the country expertise of the supplier, its local presence,

prices, the level of guarantees offered and the completeness of the maintenance services available. A key element in the financing of a project, all the “Turbine Supplier” clauses in the contract are keenly negotiated by dedicated teams from Akuo Energy.

22 wind projects in the world

Croix Benjamin

28 MW France


44 MW Poland

Florida I

50 MW Uruguay

Florida II

50 MW Uruguay

Fontaine Macon I

12 MW France

Fontaine-Macon II

8 MW France 

Energie du Gâtinais

24 MW France


22 MW Poland


72 MW Montenegro

Le Ham

6 MW France 

Les Vignes

12 MW France


42 MW Uruguay


42 MW Croatia


50 MW Dominican Republic


150 MW United States of America

Roye II

12 MW France


12 MW France

Saint Germainmont

20.5 MW France

Sevigny Wallape

18.5 MW France


30 MW United States of America


66 MW Poland


8 MW France