KITA – 50 MW
Agrinergie® Under construction

  • Location: Kita, Mali
  • Installed capacity: 50 MW
  • Status: Financing underway
  • Technology: Ground mounted panels and Agrinergie®
  • CO₂ emission reductions per year: 51 744 tons
  • Power supply per year: Equivalent to 91 702 households

The Kita solar farm is Akuo Energy’s first project to begin construction in Africa. With installed capacity of 50MW it is the biggest solar farm in west Africa. Initiated by the ‘R20-Regions of Climate Action’ NGO founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the project will meet the vital energy needs of a region suffering from significant electricity shortages, and will help the country begin the move towards energy independence that is vital to its development.

The Kita project will also generate numerous social benefits, creating many local and sustainable jobs. As an integrated company, Akuo Energy is setting up a local subsidiary, employing only Malian teams, and will have control over the plant’s full life cycle through a consortium consisting of Akuo Kita Solar, Akuo Energy Solutions and Akuo Mali Services.

Signing of the KITA Power Purchase Agreement with the Malian government

Paris, 22 October, 2015 – Akuo Energy, the leading French IPP in renewable energy, today announces that it has signed, with the Malian government, a concession agreement and a power purchase agreement for the construction and operation of the Kita project.

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