Piolenc, France
Floating solar, Agrinergie® - In operation

  • Location: Piolenc, France
  • Installed capacity: 17 MW
  • Status: In operation
  • Technology: Floating solar
  • CO₂ emission reductions per year: 1 096 tons
  • Power supply per year: Equivalent to 4733 households
  • Cultivated spacies : Arboriculture and market gardening

The O'MEGA1 project, winner of the first half of the CRE4 tender in 2017, will be Akuo Energy's first project based on floating solar technology (Hydrelio® by Ciel et Terre floats). The project is located on the commune of Piolenc, in the department of Vaucluse. Developed since 2014 by the teams of Akuo Solar, this project invests an artificialized site by years of exploitation by a career of extraction of materials. Akuo Energy and

the quarry operator have jointly worked on the restoration of the site through the solar project to enable the transition from one activity to another and the ecological rehabilitation of the site. Its annual production will provide electricity to more than 4,733 homes, with green energy and respect for the environment, for a period of at least 20 years. Winner in March 2017, the project will be launched in March 2019, after several months of construction.

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