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Supporting energy transition in Africa

Akuo Afrique has had a presence in Africa for ten years; today, we operate projects across the entire continent, helping to enhance countries’ energy independence and engaging in the energy transition.

One example is Kita, Mali, a 50MW solar power plant commissioned in 2020. We work closely with local partners for each of our projects. Co-building with local stakeholders, umbrella organisations and other consortiums is essential to secure genuine buy-in and relevance: co-creation, including making sure that revenues are distributed locally, is a prerequisite for all our projects.

Akuo Energy Afrique has a headcount of around 15, based in Paris, Casablanca, Dakar, and Bamako.

Accompagner la transition énergétique des pays d’Afrique



capacity in operation or under construction

> 50 000


CO2 avoided in 2022

Africa has all the resources needed to realise its potential in terms of renewable energy and address the continent’s growing demand for electricity; it needs to do so with solutions that are low-carbon, reliable, and increasingly competitive.

Akuo is supporting the transition in several countries with poor grid coverage. Akuo battery energy storage solutions are helping to integrate renewable energy into the energy mix in Africa, as well as improving quality of service through related features (smoothing energy supply, regulating voltage and frequency, etc.).

In addition to the Group’s expertise in renewable energy production project management, our familiarity with the political, regulatory, and financial environment in each country is playing a key role in the realisation of our ambitions on the continent.

Valoriser les énergies renouvelable

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Pierre-Antoine Berthold - CEO Akuo Energy Afrique
Green, inclusive energy transition is a priority in addressing electricity demand – forecast to double in Africa by 2040 – so as to support improved living conditions and cater for population growth.

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