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The United States is a resource-rich country with abundant renewable energy resources. The amount available is 100 times that of the nation’s annual electricity need.

Renewable energy generates about 20% of all U.S electricity and that percentage continues to grow. In 2022, solar and wind are expected to add more that 60% of the utility-scale generating capacity to the US power grid (46% from solar, 17% from wind)

Some states are particularly active in developing renewable energy such as Texas and Oklahoma.

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capacity in operation or construction


power stations

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of CO2 avoided in 2022

Our ambition

The US Renewable market has matured and expanded rapidly over the past 10 years, focused on key technologies such as wind, solar and battery storage. The Akuo US strategy is centered on developing a diverse portfolio both in technology as well as geography. The short-term development is focused on solar projects within Texas (ERCOT), the Midwest United States (MISO) and the South West Power Pool (SPP). The ambition is to aggressively pursue quality development opportunities and to secure land to allow for an annual target to submit three to five projects into various Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) .

Notre ambition

Akuo USA

Akuo US is based in Chicago, with current windfarms in Illinois, Texas, and New Mexico. The Akuo US pipeline is expanding rapidly in project; location, size as well as diversity of technology; wind, solar and battery storage. The Akuo US Team is technically sound in all aspects of the development, finance, construction, and operations. Strong initial project evaluation is the engine that drives the group and is the cornerstone of the Akuo US IPP strategy. The focus on initial quality development of our projects improves our success rate and allows the Team to work through the entitlement and development process with conviction and confidence. The quality of our development process has been and continues to be appreciated by our Partners.

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Teamwork and team spirit is a core value at Akuo. Our projects are an expression of this spirit, and multi-disciplinary working is a guiding principle alongside listening, respect for others and transparency. Each instant is seen as an opportunity to exchange and share ideas. Our partners, internal and external, have come to appreciate the quality of our developments as well as the transparency under which they are executed.
Thomas Cote
Northern America Chief Operating Officer

Contact us

Thomas Cote, Northern America Chief Operating Officer :

  • Chicago : 415 N La Salle St Suite 501, Chicago, IL 60654, United-States
  • Texas : 12500 Network Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78249, United-States


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