Created in 2010, as part of the group’s commitment to island communities, Akuo Antilles has sought to develop renewable energy in the Antilles whilst also drawing on the Akuo group’s expertise in energy storage to provide the grid operator with a predictable supply of green energy.

With renewable energy accounting for 19% of the total in Guadeloupe and just 7% in Martinique, there are significant challenges ahead in this area for these two regions, which aim to reach 50% renewable energy in their energy mix by 2020, a government target that will enable them to be much less dependent on the vagaries of the fossil fuel market. Thus there is significant potential for Akuo Antilles, which hopes to contribute more than 120MW of capacity by 2022.

Akuo Antilles consists of a team of six people, including two who are responsible for production sites and two technicians responsible for asset maintenance. It is based partly in Martinique, for development activities, and in Guadeloupe for production activities, as this is where the two existing operational solar farms are based.

Currently Akuo Antilles operates and maintains two sites on Guadeloupe, one in the commune of Moule (Sainte-Marguerite) and the other on the island of Marie-Galante (Marie-Galante Héliade).

Akuo Energy is also working on the development of many other projects in the Antilles, including:

- the NEMO ocean thermal energy conversion project, an innovative world first project in Martinique, due to have net capacity of 10.7MW;

- Agrinergie® projects using cyclone-proof photovoltaic greenhouses;

- the development of a floating Aquanergie® project in Martinique, in a hillside reservoir – a first in the French Overseas Départements – which creates the opportunity to use surface area which is not under the same pressure as land;

- a proposed floating wind farm.

Akuo Antilles develops this projects with the guiding principle of optimizing the projects’ integration into their local settings.


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