Akuo Poland (AEP) is the Polish branch of Akuo and is responsible for expanding Akuo's business throughout Poland. A country whose electricity is predominantly generated in coal-fired power stations, and which joined the European Union in 2004, Poland has excellent potential for the development of renewable energy, which will be unleashed when a suitable regulatory framework is put in place to encourage the financing of this industry.

Founded 10 years ago, Akuo Poland is one of Akuo's oldest subsidiaries, and took its current form as Akuo Poland in 2008. Just like its parent company, Akuo Poland is a green IPP that covers the entire value chain, from project origination to power plant management. Through cooperation with engineers in the fields of environment, business, construction and electrical and control technologies, Akuo Poland has established itself as a key player in Poland.

At present, Akuo Enegy Poland owns 3 wind farm projects with total capacity of 158 MW, 1 biogas project and 1 photovoltaic project. All of those projects are ready to build with full documentation including planning permits, environmental approval and connection agreements. Akuo Poland continues to work on expanding its pipeline of projects under development, by securing and acquiring new assets at any stage of development, in any form of renewable energy. Akuo Poland is a member of the Green Chemistry cluster, a West Pomeranian association.


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